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Sensory Play

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” Jean Piaget 

What better way to teach your little ones than through play?

Alisette designs activities that stimulate childrens’ senses through play. Embracing the depths of their growing imaginations, we curate experiences that allow parents and loved ones to engage their little ones’ developing minds. When they dive into a sensory bin of kinetic sand, seashells, shovels, and the faint scent of the ocean breeze, they’re no longer hanging on the living room carpet - they’re going to the beach!

How does this benefit my child?

From a developmental point of view, our activities encourage independent thinking, socialization, spatial awareness, and task-focus. While scooping rice from a bin to a cup into a funnel may seem silly to adults, those are fine motor skills at work!

As your child grows and evolves, our activities continue to offer an avenue for learning. They’ll begin asking questions, offering feedback, and demonstrating their new skills.