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Frequently Asked Questions

So…what exactly do I do with colorful rice? And beans? Lentils? Are there directions included?

There is no right or wrong way for you and your child to interact with the items in your Sensory Activity Box (besides, ahem, eating them). In this context, rice, beans, and lentils are more than *just* rice, beans, and lentils. They’re different colors, shapes, and textures. They’re the basis of sensory play and out of activities like pouring rice from one cup to another or separating big beans from small beans, you’re helping refine gross and fine motor skills, independent thinking, and hand-eye coordination, among other benefits.

All that being said, yes, we do include instructions and suggestions of different ways you can expand upon the activities outside the box. 

Do I “play” too? What is my involvement?

First of all, there’s no pressure here! This is play time and our goal at Alisette is to make play time a stress-free zone. Have fun and enjoy your time connecting with your child with the activities we provide for you. 

Personally, in my classes, I think of my role as a “facilitator.” Once I introduce the activities to the children, I take a step back. Offering that space affords children the opportunity to observe, engage, advance, and evolve on their own terms. Occasionally I’ll offer gentle guidance or ask simple, open-ended questions that can prompt conversation and encourage them to vocalize thoughts and opinions. 

For adults, this is a good time to flex your patience. If initially they don’t seem engaged, try playing with the activity yourself for a few minutes. They may come to you on their own. If not, hey, that’s cool. Tomorrow is another day and you can try reintroducing the activity again. They’ve seen it before so it becomes less and less of a scary unknown and can often lead to a healthy curiosity, then engagement. 

How much of a mess should I expect?

We recommend placing a mat down to assist with any potential, or inevitable, messes. 

Keep in mind, we encourage the use of every material in the boxes, including the box itself. Why let anything go to waste when you could use even let them pop the bubble wrap? Better yet, try pressing the bubble wrap in tempera paint then imprint it onto paper for some fun designs.

Can my child play with their Sensory Activity Box on their own?

No. Your child should have adult supervision at all times with interacting with their activity boxes. 

What are the ingredients in your “homemade playdough?”

- flour

- salt

- vegetable oil 

- cream of tartar

- water

- food coloring

All of these items are taste-safe however, as with all our products, we discourage consumption. We don’t want to mix up “play time” with “snack time.” If your child has any sort of allergy, please make sure to let us know in the form you fill out prior to payment.  

Will the play dough stay fresh after more than one use? 

When kept in an airtight container in a cool place, your play dough can last up to 6 months! If it seems like it’s drying out earlier on, try adding water then rolling it around in your hands for a minute. 

How do I make these weird water beads?

If your Sensory Activity Box contains a little baggie of non-toxic water beads, get ready for a texture fascinating to both kids and parents! Simply pour the bag of water beads into a large bowl, add 5-6 cups of water, and let them grow overnight. For larger beads, add more water.

Now for the most important part: Only dispose of them in a trash bag. Let me emphasize this: Only. Ever. Dispose. In. A. Trash. Bag.

Never, ever throw them into the sink, bathtub, toilet, etc. Your pipes thank you.

Are any of these activities for eating?

No. While we aim to make the items and activities in our Sensory Activity Boxes taste-safe, this is play time, not snack time.